Monday, December 23, 2019

Penis Size and pleasuring your woman.... How Big Is Big enough?!?

Penis Size and pleasuring your woman.... How Big Is Big enough?

When measuring penises, it can be complicated or it can be a very simple comparison.

Describing larger than the average, is a term that can get thrown around and misconstrued. But even so, what’s larger than average? What's average? and if by “Average” we mean a normal penis size. Then research has shown that, that's about 6 inches when erected. Right?

Wrong, because measuring just the length does not include finding the dimension of your penis. Which is very important when coming to the determination of Size. Rules when measuring are always lengthwidthheight. We cannot measure the height, so we only measure length and width. A 5 inch cock may be thicker in width than a nine inch cock, but which one's bigger? What's considered big? What's considered too big? and what's just right? Truth is, there is no right answer because no woman is the same. People in general like different things and a cock is no different. Bottom line, some women like a Large Penis and some women don't.
So, with that being said, I know your asking yourself, "am I one of the lucky ones?" That's a question you'll be able to answer when your finished reading this article.

But Bigger Is Better In Porn

The porn industry has a strong interest in hiring men with large penises, over men with average or small penises. This is because 8-12 inch penises aren't viewed as regular size when it comes to the majority. Women and Men are naturally intrigued by how much bigger these cocks are on screen, and often lust over how life would be with a piece of meat this size. But porn is not a good depiction of what A “normal” penis size is and what’s desirable when it comes to real life intercourse and sex overall.

Bigger hasn’t always meant better. In fact, some women prefer an average sized penis over a large one. This is sometimes due to the size of width. A large penis doesn't necessarily mean long, it can also be Thick. These are penises that are shaped like coke cans and might feel like you're breaking your virginity all over again. Then, there's Length which can make a woman feel like your dick deep in her belly, which can be uncomfortable for some who don't like that feeling.


Like stated before, 8 inches and up is rare and often viewed as “too big” for some women, causing more pain than pleasure. Anything more than that can even cause some damage to the cervix. If it’s too wide, it risks literally tearing a woman’s vagina and causing extreme pain. Medical attention required.

Width, on average is anything around the 1 inch mark, and anything more than 2.5 inches might not be that comfortable for some women. Not only does this apply for vaginal intercourse but blow jobs as well. Think about putting your mouth around a cucumber for a half hour. That's not fun..

Length, like stated before is averaged at 6 inches long. Anything 8 inches and up is considered too long for some women due to that fact that positions can be a little tricky. Especially with her on top or doggy style, these positions are sometimes a no go for a lot of hung men.

"Forget sex, having a long dick sucks when I have to take a shit. I always have to maneuver in a way where my dick doesn't touch the toilet water." Donovan Washington.

How To Know If Your Penis Is Too Big

Let's face it, penis size matters. Women think about penis size when it comes to sex, and men think about penis size when it comes to pleasuring women during sex, and bragging rights. But besides that, sex is not all about a large dick for most women, because they receive sexual pleasure from the stimulation of the clitoris. The G-Spot which is an extension of the clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones due to its high concentration of nerve endings. The clitoris is located about 2–3 inches up in front vaginal wall.
So technically, a man only needs about 4-5 inches to arouse a woman with his cock. Anything more is just unnecessary, not to mention 8 to 12 inches which is just inconveniencing. The goal is to make her orgasm and if you can both get off together that's a bond unbreakable.


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